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Todd F Williams

While not a native of West Virginia, I certainly have many wonderful memories here. I grew up just across the river from Huntington, and spent many of my younger days enjoying the beauty the Mountain State affords. I often visited the wonderful state parks, and would ski in the winters in the gorgeous Potomac Highland Region. Now that I have been a resident for many years, I always look forward to my next adventure. West Virginia offers such awesome beauty, I never have to look far for inspiration.

My love with photography started in high school, where I began shooting black & whites. I have always been thrilled attempting to capture that perfect moment, in hopes of sharing that emotion with others. I believe God provides me both the talent, and the opportunities to capture such wonderful moments. I never cease to be amazed with the beauty He presents me.

I am intrigued by most all types of photography, however, I feel drawn to capturing natural beauty. I have always been captivated by landscapes and water, and make use of every opportunity to photograph those. I also enjoy wildlife, and observing the wondrous circle of life it represents.

It is my sincere wish, that through photography, I am able to share those wonderful moments with others. Providing love, joy and inspiration to everyone.

For several years Todd Williams has been capturing nature's beauty. In recent years, Todd has spent much of this time in West Virginia focused on the beauty therein. Todd has various works in both private and corporate collections. Todd is a juried fine arts photographer at Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia, located in Beckley. Most recently, Todd's work was published in the international book Plus One Collection. His image was chosen from over 500 photographers worldwide, for this book with all proceeds going to charity. Currently, Todd resides in Hurricane, WV.
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